Daniela stood in front of a football goal net

Daniela has started swimming at Places Leisure

The BetterPoints Bucks challenge allows residents to earn BetterPoints rewards for looking after their health and wellbeing, getting active and taking the bus.

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Congratulations to Daniela from High Wycombe!

Joining the BetterPoints Bucks challenge has encouraged Daniela to swap her car journeys for walking every day.

It has also motivated her to start swimming at Places Wycombe Leisure Centre again for the first time in years. She is enjoying collecting Move More at the Gym or Pool points when she goes for her swim at the leisure centre.

She's already redeemed some points for a Next shopping voucher and she is this month's Ditch the Car Star.

Here is what she said about using the app:

"Before downloading the BetterPoints app, I preferred to use my vehicle to travel. I did not really walk and I didn't cycle anywhere! I found out about the challenge at our local library and the rewards were my reason for getting involved.

What I like about the app is that I don't have to think about it. It runs in the background, meaning the data and rewards are collected without any extra effort on my part.

The challenge has encouraged me to walk for short distances, and I have been going to the Places Leisure Centre. I have started swimming again for the first time in years and am really enjoying it.

I have noticed I am less short of breath; I feel stronger and healthier than I did before I started using the app.

I am spending less money on petrol now that I am using my car less, and in the long run there will be less wear and tear on my car."

Keep up the great work!

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